Tips for travelling on a budget



If you know me well, one thing I love to do is going away and seeing the world!

So many people say to me ‘ but how do you afford it’….  This drives me crazy! Going away is one of my priorities in life, I don’t spend loads of money on things like makeup and I can’t afford to buy lots of clothes each month as well as going away, but I know which one I would prefer to do right now! And honestly, going away doesn’t have to be expensive at all!

For all those wondering how I do it, here are my top tips:

  • Research & plan yourself

So for the majority of the time, booking holidays through a travel agent can end up costing you a lot more than if you just did some research and booked your trip yourself! There are so many websites you can use, and Expedia are the ones I use the most. Just have a good search of where you would like to go and compare certain things such as the best place to stay, is it cheaper to book flights separately? etc. Take time in researching, don’t just book the first thing you see, note down prices and compare all the details.

  • Travel

Where are you going? Is there another way to travel there? Could it be cheaper? For example London to Paris, you could fly, train, ferry and drive. It’s the same with many locations! Compare prices and time of travel, you might think it’s quicker to fly somewhere but when you actually take into consideration of the waiting time at an airport and transfer time on the other side, it could have been quicker and cheaper to just drive! Obviously depending on where you’re going, I’m not suggesting you drive from the UK to Singapore.

In regards to flights, you don’t have to book with the biggest well known airlines on their own website, take a look on Expedia or Skyscanner then compare to the airline sites, again this is all about research! Haven’t heard of a company before and a bit wary? Just look up some reviews!

I don’t think people realise how easy travelling to Europe is and all the options you have, don’t like flying? Get the tunnel or a ferry and go on a road trip! Last year I drove to Bruges, and people couldn’t believe it. When I told them it’s just a 2 hour ferry and then a 1 hour drive from Dunkirk they were surprised at how close it was!

  • Accommodation

Hotels, B&B’s, guest houses, holiday home’s, camping, glamping, caravaning, hostels the list is endless! You don’t have to always stay in a swanky hotel with full board catering and great views, unless your trip is a special occasion or you just like spending the whole time in the hotel room, then really, as long as it looks alright and it’s clean and comfy then it’s fine! Again, compare prices along with the location and just do your research!

  • Food

Okay so I know one of the main things of a holiday is to indulge and eat a lot of nice food, but if you’re trying to save money there are a few things you can do to help:

  1. You don’t have to go out to a nice restaurant every evening, if you stay somewhere that’s self catering then you can easily save some pennies here by cooking yourself!
  2. Thinking of camping? Buy a little stove or a bbq. You can also buy or make food in advanced, such as a stew, soup or even a pasta dish that can be reheated.
  3. Going out to the beach? Hiking? or just walking round a city? Take a pic-nic! Just go to a supermarket and buy things to make sandwiches or just picky food.
  4. Some hotels and b&b’s have the option to add breakfast on to your stay for extra £. Sometimes this can be worth it, but when its like another £15 per person each day, maybe best to rethink, as really you could just find a cafe and have breakfast for under a tenner each.
  5. If you’re going to a big city, avoid the main squares and touristy areas for eating as the prices are usually very high. Go off down a quieter street or search online on websites like TripAdvisor for affordable restaurants.


  • Activities

Some activities and excursions can be pricey, so maybe do some research before you go to see what there is to do in the area so you can then have an idea of price. There are many free activities you can do anywhere! Such as walking, hiking, free museums, even just looking at the architecture and famous monuments or sights in a city.

I completely understand if there is something you really want to do then I’d say just go for it! For example when I was in Norway we really wanted to go dog sleding and snow mobiling, expensive but totally worth it and it’s not something we would do very often!

Some holiday packages come with activities or excursions within the price, but most of the time it is a lot cheaper if you were to book them separately, so again just research and compare prices.




Basically the main tip is to research! 🙂


Hannah x

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