5 ways to destress

Looking after our bodies is really important but what about our minds and wellbeing as a whole?! Being world mental health day I thought I’d just share a few tips of how to destress! These are just a few things I do so would love any feedback/comments on what other people do!! 🙂

  • Exercise

When people think of destressing I don’t think exercise comes to mind as the first thing to do! But it is really good for the mind as well as the body! When you exercise ‘happy’ hormones are released! When I do something like a spin, HIIT, circuits or a fast run I feel amazing afterwards and this really helps with stress levels!

  • Lavender oil

Lavender and other scents have been found to be really calming for the body. For me I love the smell of lavender and I love to burn lavender oil in the evenings when I need to just chill out and relax! I find it’s so calming. But be aware to make sure you’re using 100% lavender oil as burning scented candles or oils that are full of chemicals are not good for our bodies and can really mess up our hormones! Don’t like the smell of lavender? Look up other natural calming scents/plants. You don’t need to burn oil either! You could just hang some lavender around the house or by your bed!

  • Stretching

5-10 minutes of stretching out your body might just be what you need to feel a little more relaxed, try it! Turn your phone off, shut yourself in a quiet room with no distractions and just spend time stretching! If you’re not too sure what to do or if this would work for you then go to a yoga or Pilates class!

  • Calming teas

Tea! I love tea, and just like how lavender and other plants are known to be good for the body with calming effects, as are some teas such as camomile! Camomile has a very distictive taste and many don’t like it but you can find some that are a mix of ingredients to calm the body, look for the words ‘sleepy’ ‘nighttime’ or ‘relaxing’ when buying tea and you should find one that you find relaxing!

  • Breathing techniques

Okay, this might sound funny I know, but if you just take a couple of minutes to really concentrate on your breathing you could find this really helps you to relax if you’re suddenly feeling all stressed!


Hannah x

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