5 Ways to start living a healthier lifestyle !

  • Drink more water

Water is so important! It is required by the cells in our body to work efficiently! Many people do not drink enough but it is key for a healthy body and healthy mind.

The benefits of drinking water include: healthy soft skin, healthy hair and nails, reduced fatigue, reduced headaches, water also helps with digestion.

So if you’re feeling tired or wonder why your skin is quite dry, up your water intake daily and you might start to notice some changes! Top tip to track how much water you’re drinking? Buy a bottle! A bottle that you can carry everywhere so you are aware of how often you fill up and drink.

  • Do some stretches

Stretching is so important for our bodies! & it’s so easy to incorporate it into our day! Stretch whilst the kettle is boiling, stretch in your chair at work, stretch in front of the TV. Achy muscles or stiffness when you move? Stretch stretch stretch!

  • Move your body more

It’s so easy to press the button for the lift or stand on the escalator, but its also easy to just move your legs! Feel like you ‘don’t have time to exercise’? Just start moving more within your day then… Ditch the escalator and lift and get the stairs! Could you cycle to work? Could you leave your house a little earlier and walk to the next bus/tube stop? Sat down all day at work? Walk around at lunchtime, have walking meetings or make sure you just stretch your body in your chair!

  • Try something new

Cook a new recipe or try out a new exercise class!

Sometimes people stop exercising because they’re bored of their normal routine, so simply mix it up a bit…. Try a new class or start a type of exercise you never thought of trying before! Like cycling, running or circuit training

Buy a cookbook and make a new recipe from it once a week! You could also take ideas and inspiration from a book and experiment with ingredients and flavours to make up your own healthy recipe!

  • Snack swap

Want to start living healthier but not sure where to start exactly?! Or are your meals pretty healthy but you find you can’t help snack on the not so healthy foods?! Try a snack swap starting with just 2 days a week. Swap your mid morning chocolate bar with a healthy alternative, such as a healthy bar (I recommend Nakd bars), fruit, a handful of nuts, or even some veg such as carrot sticks – throw in some hummus too!


Hannah x

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