4 Health & fitness myths you need to know going into 2018

  1. Fat won’t make you fat.
  2. Fat is an essential macro nutrient that our body needs, and good fats are very important for our body to work properly. Cut fat out completely and yes you will lose weight but not in a healthy way.
  3. Carbs won’t make you fat.Just like above, carbohydrates are one of our macro nutrients our body needs and essential for many reasons including energy. If you think you’re putting on weight or not progressing with your training it may be that you’re just eating too much throughout your day. If you’re eating a lot of food but not moving around and expending any energy this can easily result in weight gain.
  4. Isolated exercises will not burn targeted fat, e.g. doing lots of crunches will not burn your belly fat specifically.
  5. I get a lot of people asking me advice about what they can do to get rid of their fat here, here and here. What ab exercises can I do? What inner thigh exercises can I do? Firstly let me break it to you – this is not a thing! If you want to get rid of your belly fat, doing lots of ab exercises is not the answer. Yes by exercising this area you will build muscle, for example doing lots of weighted tricep exercises will build your triceps, however the fat on this area of your body will not be burning because of those specific exercises. Your fat cells do not work that way, use you body as a whole to burn fat and watch your diet.
  6. Which is better? Weights vs. Cardio
  7. Both weighted and cardio exercises have great benefits, neither is better than the other. I would say a combination of both is ideal however many trainers would probably disagree. Obviously if you’re training for a specific reason or event it would be important to focus more of a certain type of exercise. I always say find something you love doing, whether it being weights, cardio or a mixture. Health and fitness should be fun and something you enjoy!

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