Keeping Motivated After January

So you’ve eaten all the mince pies, it’s all new year new me on social media, you join the gym to get fit and start cooking healthy meals…. But January ends and so has your motivation to keep up all this health and fitness malarkey!

A healthy lifestyle is just that, a lifestyle, it’s not a phase or a fad diet, and if you really want to stick with it it has to be sustainable and enjoyable.

1. Make goals

Make a list of short, medium and long term goals. They don’t have to be crazy and unrealistic, it can be anything from being able to do one full push up in 2 months or to being able to run 10k in 6 months. I find if you have something to aim for and you see progression along the way then you’re more likely to stick with the training and be determined to reach your goal. Once you reach your goal simply make a new one!

2. Find yourself a gym buddy

It can be as simple as talking to someone in a gym class, that’s how I found mine! I personally find having someone to workout with makes fitness more enjoyable as it makes going to the gym feel more social. You can motivate each other, work on goals together, compliment on changes/progression in one another, talk about healthy meal ideas and check out local healthy cafes/restaurants together. I do workout on my own at times, especially when running, and I do enjoy my own company when I do but it’s also nice and motivating to have someone there to exercise with.

3. Plan & Prepare

Plan when you’re going to exercise and prepare what you’re going to eat.

If you want to make fitness part of your lifestyle regularly you need to include it in your daily/weekly routine. So even just making a note in your diary or calendar of the days and times you will be exercising for the week ahead might help.

Preparing your food is so important. It keeps you on track so you don’t fall back onto buying a pre-packed sandwich and chocolate for lunchtime, or popping a ready meal in the microwave when you get home. If you want to live a healthy lifestyle then preparing your food has to be made a priority. Now I’m not talking a dozen tupperware boxes lined up and filled with chicken, rice and broccoli, to me that always looks very boring, but if that works for you then great! There’s no right or wrong way to prepare food, its just prioritising time and thinking ahead about what you will eat, whether that’s making a massive bowl of pasta salad that will last you a few lunches, or cooking extra of your dinner to have for lunch the next day.

4. Record your journey

Online or offline, Instagram or a diary, whatever suits you best!

Noticing changes in appearance can be difficult when you see yourself all the time. Taking photos of your body is a great way to see changes and progression. Whether thats for losing weight, gaining muscle or even just seeing a change in healthier skin.

Write down recipes and take snaps of your of your food. Even if the recipe is so easy, write it down and take a pic! That way when you’re not sure on what to have for dinner you can just look through your phone or recipe book and find a super easy and healthy meal you’ve done in the past! Not everyone is a fan of taking photos of their food, you got to find what works for you, if thats taking photos and sharing them then go for it! I like sharing recipes and photos for inspiration and to prove that healthy meals can be quick and easy.

Another bonus of recording your journey on social media is being surrounded by like-minded people. Its so inspiring and motivating seeing others working for similar goals and sharing the same beliefs. You can connect with others, help each other out, find events that are going on, and lots more!




Hannah x

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