From Art to Fitness ~ Why it’s okay to change your mind after Uni

So your 18 and choosing what to do with the next stage of your life, work? University? Whilst still wondering if you even chose the right A levels.

For me, I had no idea what I wanted to do, I loved art, it was my favourite subject and I knew I didn’t want to stay at home working full time in retail. I wanted to move away, carry on the party animal in me and become an art student, so that’s what I did. I didn’t really know what my plans after uni were going to be, I thought I’d just move to London and get a cool arty job, or go travelling. I realised by the end of my 3rd year both options were a little harder to do, art jobs were surprisingly hard to find, I wasn’t so motivated to keep up my art practice by having a business of it and I also had no money saved up to travel.

I have always been healthy to some extent, I loved exercising and unlike many I could actually cook before I went to university. However it wasn’t until my last year that I became passionate about health and fitness and wanted to learn more. I wanted to get fitter, stronger, and I knew by doing this I also had to eat a lot healthier.

It’s great that we can have more than one hobby, why stick to one thing for your whole life when you can try and start so many new journeys. Don’t like your job? Find a new one. Want to learn something new? Do it!  People should be encouraged to do what they LOVE, not just what is expected of them or what they think they should be doing.

There is too much focus on success through education and money. Yes it’s nice to have money but people should also be HAPPY, and that’s being happy in what they do everyday. Some might say it’s a waste of money or time studying courses you’re not going into, yet no-one ever says its a waste of happiness or a waste of your life when you’re in a job that you don’t really like.

I decided I didn’t want a career within art anymore and that’s okay. People find it strange when I say I have a degree in Art & Design. Why should this be strange? I found a new passion whilst studying another one. I think it’s amazing that we can have more that one interest.

18 is such a young age to decide what to do for the rest of your life, yet we live in a society where you have to make these decisions and then have so many expectations going into your 20’s. No matter what age, what you’ve previously studied, where you’ve worked, what’s wrong with doing what you want to do, and doing what you love?

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