4 Simple ways to move more

With the rise in Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes here in the UK there’s a lot of information pouring out of the media about our diet and what we need to change. However it’s not just about our diet but also the fact were simply not moving our bodies as much as we should. In this day and age there are so many barriers such as time and work, health and fitness is not made a priority in peoples lives. For those that really do struggle to fit any kind of workout in there are still many ways in which you can move more within the day.

Get the stairs

As tempting and as easy the lift or escalator is, what’s stopping you get the stairs? Sometimes it’s even quicker so you can’t always use the excuse for time! If you find it difficult fitting in a workout most days just be more conscious about how much you move throughout your day especially if you have a desk job.

Think about your commute, could you cycle? Could you walk to the next bus stop? Could you park your car at the back of the car park rather than trying to get as close as possible to the front doors of your office?


So simple, yet so many people I meet do not stretch enough or even at all. Again if you have a desk job this one is pretty important. Not only will certain muscle groups become weak, but sedentary lifestyles can also lead to many health risks. No desk jog? It’s still good to stretch your body! Not only will you ache less after a workout but you can also reduce injury long term, plus it’s good for your posture!

Start small

A lot of people starting a fitness journey think they have to suddenly be exercising 5 days a week but then come to a halt and stop because they’re either exhausted or just give up because they don’t enjoy it. The easy solution to this? Start small. Start with one workout a week. Start small and then gradually as the weeks and months go on start adding more into your routine until you’re happy and comfortable with your lifestyle.

Find something you like

Some people exercise but absolutely hate it… This really boggles me! Why would you do something you dislike so much?! There’s soooo many options and there has to be something for everyone! Try different classes, try different sports. Don’t like running? Don’t run. Don’t like the gym? Don’t use it. Always wanted to try Zumba? Go for it. There’s no right or wrong with what exercise to do. Find something you like and include it into your routine. Sooner or later you’ll start to enjoy moving your body!


Hannah x

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