Balance & Consistency

I often see people with a ‘all or nothing’ approach to healthy living. Either they are full on 100% super ‘on it’, watching their diet carefully, not allowing themselves to consume anything seen as ‘bad’ like sugar, a takeaway or alcohol. ‘Getting back on it’ with exercise, suddenly training 5 times a week from doing nothing for the previous month. Then they stop exercising completely, start eating the foods they had previously restricted their body of – also described as ‘fallen of the wagon’. Then feeling guilty for this and well you can see the rollercoaster.

A healthy lifestyle is just that, a lifestyle. It’s not something you are ‘on’ or ‘off’. To find happiness and sustainability within a healthy lifestyle you need to find a balance and be consistent. It’s okay to eat chocolate, it’s okay to have a glass of wine, and it’s honestly okay to have a pizza. You shouldn’t feel guilty about these things and instead include them within a healthy way of life.

Eating good food and exercising should not come from a place of hate. Don’t exercise because you hate your body. Exercise because you love it and want to be the best, healthiest, happiest version of you

So what if you haven’t eaten as well as you wanted to at the weekend, you don’t need to feel guilty and feel like you need to punish yourself and restrict your body of things you love. Give your body what it wants, what it needs and treat yourself now and again with NO GUILT.

Find a balance, be consistent & always be happy

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