How to stay consistent within fitness

It’s all well and good saying ‘consistency and balance is key’ but how to stay consistent? Here’s a few tips/ideas!…

▫️Schedule your workouts in – write them in your diary or on your calendar and treat them as if they are an appointment that you can’t miss!

▪️Join a class – joining a regular class helps to set a routine but also helps big time with motivation. You can just turn up and be told what to do without having to worry about planning your session! It’s also great to be training around others too.

▫️Get yourself a workout buddy – prefer exercising with someone else? Grab a friend and ask if they’d like to train with you! Training with a friend can boost motivation and confidence. It’s also a great way to socialise and fit in your weekly catch up with someone.

▪️Remind yourself WHY you started and WHY you shouldn’t stop

▫️Find something you love – that way, fitness won’t feel like a chore and you’ll enjoy turning up and feel great after (almost) every session!

▪️Mix things up – each to their own with this one but personally I love doing different things within fitness. I love to run, but I also like to lift weights and do high intensity training. I would get so bored if I was just doing one form of exercise all the time.

▫️Try something different – if you’re stuck and bored of what you’re doing, or for example stuck in limbo between marathon training, try something different to keep you on your toes! For me I’m throwing in two new things into my weekly routine, swimming and CrossFit. This is alongside my usual stuff, just to mainly try them both out and to keep me motivated. Currently I’m enjoying it all and definitely have my fitness mojo back post marathon!

▪️Set yourself goals – goals are a great way to stay consistent as you then have something specific to work towards. Having a goal makes you train with purpose. Once you reach your goal simply make a new one!

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