Top tips for winter running

I love to wrap up in my winter running gear and getting out on a frosty morning for a run. However I know some people find running when it’s cold or rainy hard in terms of motivation and feel less safe running in the dark on their own, so here’s a few tips that might help!…

  • Clothing

Long sleeve tops, running jackets, thicker leggings, buffs, headbands, and gloves… All a great idea for running through the winter months. Honestly, if you’re wearing the right kit you might not even notice how cold it is outside once you start running. I’d rather get too warm that I need to take off layers than stay cold throughout a run.

  • Stay visible

If you’re heading out for a run first thing or in the evenings then a head torch, fancy running lights and a hi vis bib are all a good idea for staying safe whilst running in the dark, especially if you have to run by busy roads and to see where you’re going to avoid tripping over!

  • The route

Each to their own on this one but personally if it’s dark I would stick to lit up areas, places you know, avoid underpasses and areas you’re not too sure about. In the day however this can completely depend on the weather and what kind of run you want to do. For example, many trial routes you might be use to could get very muddy and slippy during the winter months so you might want to avoid them and stick to the road

  • Join a club

Joining a running club is a great way to not only get more miles into your week but you’ll also feel way safer running with a group than on your own.

  • Get yourself a running buddy

If a running club isn’t something you can commit to, perhaps running with a friend would work better for you. This way you’ll feel safer out running in the dark, it makes it social so you can have a catch up and run at the same time, and it will also keep you motivated to get out and run on those chilly days!

Let me know in the comments of another tips you have for winter running!


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