Prenatal fitness, advice and things to know

Can you still exercise throughout pregnancy? Yes! If you were previously exercising then you should be fine to carry on through pregnancy as long as you have no medical reason not to. Here are a few things to know and be aware of:

  • Intensity of exercise should be lowered as the weeks go on and do not let your body over heat. Do not work to failure or go higher than 80% of your MHR
  • If something feels uncomfortable stop or adapt to suit you
  • Have common sense – don’t do anything that is clearly dangerous with a high risk of falling
  • The focus should be on staying fit and healthy through pregnancy, this is not the time to start chasing a new PB or to try and lose loads of weight
  • Performing certain core exercises is important. You’re core is subject to the greatest changes during pregnancy and benefits of core training include prevention or reduced back pain, a better posture, prevention of stress incontinence and support of the weight of baby will be enhanced.
  • Do not forget your pelvic floor exercises. A strong pelvic floor will improve control and relaxation during the pushing stage of labour. The pelvic floor supports baby and reduces the risk of stress incontinence during and after pregnancy
  • Can you run? Yes if you feel comfortable doing so, maybe switch to the treadmill for less risk of tripping over
  • Can you lift weights? Yes! It’s quite important to maintain a good posture and general strength during pregnancy so weights is a great option. Strength training will also reduce lower back pain and help with joint stability. Weights / resistance should be reduced in the second and then again in the third trimester.

Changes in the trimesters:

During the first trimester you can pretty much stick to your normal training and exercise can actually help with any nausea you may be experiencing

In the second trimester you need to start being aware and cautious of what to do and what not to do, such as not lying on your back as this increases the risk of supine hypotensive syndrome

Intensity of exercise should be lowered from the second trimester and the warm up time to increase up to 10 minutes

The effects of relaxin will start kicking in during the second trimester so be aware of not over stretching your muscles

During the second and third trimester there will be certain exercises to avoid purely out of comfort because of the growing bump! For example using a barbell for bicep curls will become pretty impossible to perform but you can simply switch these to dumbbells

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