Apple & Raspberry Crumble

This recipe gives the traditional crumble a healthy twist, and it even makes for a great breakfast hot or cold. Don’t like raspberries? This crumble works with any berry; blueberries, blackberries, or just as apple on its own. Recipe makes for 6 portions Ingredients: 460g Cooking Apple (peeled and cut into chunks)150g Raspberries200g Oats4 tbspContinue reading “Apple & Raspberry Crumble”

Prenatal fitness, advice and things to know

Can you still exercise throughout pregnancy? Yes! If you were previously exercising then you should be fine to carry on through pregnancy as long as you have no medical reason not to. Here are a few things to know and be aware of: Intensity of exercise should be lowered as the weeks go on andContinue reading “Prenatal fitness, advice and things to know”

Running Post-natal

Did you know, you shouldn’t exercise until at least 6 weeks post birth, longer if you have had a c section or other complications have occurred. However high impact exercise including running should be avoided for up to 5 months post delivery Other high impact exercises include aerobics and basically anything which you jump aroundContinue reading “Running Post-natal”

How to stay consistent within fitness

It’s all well and good saying ‘consistency and balance is key’ but how to stay consistent? Here’s a few tips/ideas!… ▫️Schedule your workouts in – write them in your diary or on your calendar and treat them as if they are an appointment that you can’t miss! ▪️Join a class – joining a regular classContinue reading “How to stay consistent within fitness”

12 Easy Sustainable Swaps

It’s devastating seeing what us humans are doing to our beautiful planet, however it’s also quite incredible seeing the impact recent awareness is having on people’s views to climate change, specifically with single use plastic. People are making changes to how they are living day to day and whilst some might say it’s the governmentContinue reading “12 Easy Sustainable Swaps”

Why you shouldn’t ‘go on a diet’

When you ‘go on a diet’ ask yourself, what will happen when you come off the diet? No doubt you’ll probably revert back to your old ways, become unhealthy, gain weight then decide you need to ‘go on a diet’ again and therefore a rollercoaster starts! Rather than looking at it as dieting, look atContinue reading “Why you shouldn’t ‘go on a diet’”

Top tips for keeping healthy at work

Before becoming a personal trainer I had worked in a couple of office jobs for over 2 years. Whilst I easily maintained my healthy lifestyle I could also see how easy it was for a lot of people to slip into a unhealthy way of life. The sitting around all day, having a vending machineContinue reading “Top tips for keeping healthy at work”

Keeping Motivated After January

So you’ve eaten all the mince pies, it’s all new year new me on social media, you join the gym to get fit and start cooking healthy meals…. But January ends and so has your motivation to keep up all this health and fitness malarkey! A healthy lifestyle is just that, a lifestyle, it’s not aContinue reading “Keeping Motivated After January”