I often get asked about what to read or watch in relation to health and fitness. I do try and promote certain books, podcasts or documentaries on social media and to those I think might like them, but I thought I might as well put a list together!

The below list is of my recommendation to many aspects that I am interested in, which might not be for everyone and that is totally okay. There is so much information out there in terms of health, fitness, nutrition, wellbeing, that it can be very overwhelming and confusing for some people. Unfortunately there is no one book that will give all life answers, but it’s good to mix things up, take information and inspiration from a variety of professionals to find what suits you to live a healthy balanced lifestyle.

I have colour coded each resource so you can see what they are about

Health & Fitness



The 4 Pilar Plan – Dr Rangan Chatterjee OO
Re-Nourish – Rhiannon Lambert O
The Diet Myth – Tim Spector O
Just a little run around the world – Rosie Swale Pope O


The Food medic O
Nic’s Nutrition O


Drowning in Plastic O
Before The Flood O
A Plastic Ocean O
The True Cost O
Chasing Coral O
The Minimalists OO


Ben Coomber Radio OO
Tough Girl Podcast OO
The Doctors Kitchen Podcast O
The Alt/Healthy Podcast OO
The Running for Real Podcast O